Official posters printed today

The official publicity posters for The Gallery have just been printed today! Thanks so much to uncle Ashraf Jaffer (www.scancopyprint.com) for opening up his shop on a Saturday so we could print off posters on a weekend when almost everything is closed. Appreciate his generosity in printing at almost no cost but more importantly for taking the time and allowing us to tinker around in his back room getting the design and printing just right. Keep your eyes peeled for these posters. At a busy place/business in town and you’re not seeing our poster? Let us know and we’ll do our best to get it to that overlooked spot!

You’ll see these posters around town soon. Thanks to Riff C for taking the time to create the design for the poster in addition to the handbill designs which have been distributed previously. These look even better on large high quality 11 x 17 print!


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